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Labour Day BBQ Aligns the Stars

Updated Tuesday September 4, 2012 by Eileen Dover.

The labour day BBQ hosted by team Captain Romaeo D’Intino and family was a huge success this weekend.  The day started out quiet, but in typical Stars fashion finished strong.  There were dozens of team building activities throughout the day; our field reporters Dan Druff and I.M. Boring were on location and recapped the days’ events:

The off season acquisition of Italians D’Agostino and Mancini paid dividends on the pitch as the North End Squad laid a convincing beating on the South Side in afternoon soccer.

The team moved on to the aquatic centre where water polo and ultimate water wrestling began.  Since water polo is a poor excuse for a sport; our field reporters took that time to put down their note pads and enjoy some of the BBQ items.  SAFETY ALERT: The hot peppers are not for the faint of heart.  The water wrestling was tainted by scandals as the boys disregarded referee Amanda Hugenkiss’ instructions on many occasions.

The players again tasted defeat on the Bocce court with the coaching staff winning in straight sets.  But they didn’t take home the hardware as team Nono; a team of champion bred veterans used local knowledge of the fields humps and bumps to win in convincing fashion.

Off to the Track.

Chris Risi, self proclaimed “fasted man alive” appeared to be confused in the first heat of the 70 meter sprint against Latrell Harris.  While Latrell got out of the gate in a hurry Chris began his Gymnastics Floor exercises one event too soon and landed an 8.5 on his left shoulder tuck front roll.  Addison Detullio took the checkered flag in the finals.

With the day coming to a close; and no team a clear cut winner bystander Frank “I need a nap” Novello decided that a team push up competition would be the only way to decide a champion.  The Stars sent Hovy, Harris and D’Intino to take on Pignataro, Risi and Hedden.  With the manager starting the event with an earth shattering 30 push ups to start it appeared the Stars were going to be handed a crushing defeat.  But wait! These boys aren’t mathletes, they’re athletes.  John, showing no respect for his over confident and under prepared coaches jumped out to a 15 push up lead......from there it appears that counting became a challenge and a total push up count for either side was not reported to the scoreres tent; good thing Tuesday marks the first day of high school for these boys. 

Reporting live from St Catharines, I’m Dan Druff.

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